The V-frame is a new method of safely and efficiently performing a necessary inspection of silos, tanks and the like without the use of large amounts of steel scaffolding equipment. In combination with rope access techniques, an inspection can now be carried out much faster and safer, more durable and better. Also, direct repairs can be made (usually welding), if necessary.
Each day of downtime with these large tanks could costs the plant as much as €150,000 to €250,000, so they are keen to have the inspection (and repair) done as smoothly, safely and qualitatively as possible.
Although most of our project are in the Netherlands and surrounding countries we do operate worldwide when needed. Our equipment can be transported all over the world by air or sea. We had previous request from Uruguay and ... Depending on the job we usually work with a two or three man team. Local staff can be hired in order to bring the job to a successful conclusion.