Customers we serve using the V-frame to gain access to tanks and silos are mainly  in the food/dairy, energy, and agribusiness industry. But our frame is also used in other industries. The V-frame is adjustable in size so we can adjust the frame and make it suitable for many applications  so we can get to places where you can't get by with other means.
The V-frame can be shortened or extended, between 10 and 20 meters. With the rope technique, moving vertically is never a problem, but with the V-frame, moving horizontally is also possible. Other companies, like us, can often bridge up to 5m with a truss truss profile of 10m length. We have the added value that we can bridge 10m with the V-frame of 20m (2 arms of 10m each). This way we can still work at 10m distance from a final anchor point (such as a steel beam), regardless of height.