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V-FRAME in the food & dairy industry

Food safety and hygiene are essential factors within the food & dairy industry. Well known by us, as we are frequently asked to perform inspections during production stops in medium and high-care environments. With our V-frame we do not only perform work in the tanks ourselves, we also provide inspectors and other technical staff access to the tank to perform their specific technical skills.

The V-frame can be used in silos and tanks with a diameter of 9 up to 20 meters. It can be adjusted to the specific required diameter so it will fit perfectly. The better it fits, the easier it gets for the inspector, cleaner and/or welder to move around within the tank or silo to perform their work.

How does it work?
The V-frame will be transported to the location in parts (fits a medium sized van). These parts will be assembled near the tank and brought inside the tank using rigging from either an inspection door or hatch on the side, the bottom or the top. We require a minimum gap of 10 centimeters on top of the tank using fixed anchor points or our Vortex. When the V-frame is installed, we will guide the inspector or technical staff onto the V-frame. They can perform their work and we will keep a close eye on their safety. When the job is done, we will guide them safely back out of the tank.

An example of silo's and tanks we have gained access to with the V-FRAME:

Spray dryers
Cooling silos
Concentrate tanks
Storage tanks


Working Process



Let us know what your challenge looks like and how you believe we can help using our access method.


Our safety expert will evaluate the situation on site and will draft a plan to solve your problem(s).


Our highly skilled, qualified and trained technicians will complete the job on site in a timely manner.

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V-frame is a multi-functional tool that creates safe access to tanks, silos and more.